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15 September 2010

In search of beauty & love.....

I walk
on the roads;
on the streets;
I walk
in the people's mind
in searching of beauty;
in searching of love;
in searching of happiness;
in searching of smile;
Oh!my God
what a scene it is..
i saw;
a group of little children
sitting down
infront of their;
roadside hut
they seems
I hav some food for them
thay smile
I learn;
People get pain
to get love
to be loved
by the people
they love.

(Note:-I just try to writing in english;Readers are requested to point out the gramatical mistakes for correction.)

26 August 2010

Its my thought......

salutes to the rising sun
we like
to see the sunset
but we
never pay attention
its satnding
on top of us;
a time in a day
it niether rise
nor set

Sun wish to watch us
wht we are doing
in its light
Right or wrong

Sun knows what we are doing
but never say to us


we are participating
in the examination of life.

I am alone.......

I know
I am alone
with my thoughts
& feelings
I wish to talk
talk a lot ,to all
I suppose
u never like to listen me
nor like to read me
I am not hessitate for this
i am one of them
who likes to go
on their own way
its my choice to talk
and i will talk
till my end.

08 June 2010

India should be BHARAT

As we all know that the countries in the world are known in their own name or in the name of their national languages.even PAKISTAN,NEPAL,BHUTAN,MYANMAR are also known as same but BHARAT or HINDUSTAN known as INDIA why??
Why not we have our own identity in the world as a country.BHARAT should be known as BHARAT not as INDIA.

You all are invited to join a community-BHARAT on my orkut profile.you can choose search community option on the orkut page.

05 June 2010

I wish to fly!!

I wish to fly! high in the sky
like a bird,not like a plane
I wish to take off and land,
freely,not on airport
Some one is calling me! calling me;
to fly with her
to live with her
with a comman thought
who is she,
where is she
i don't know
but think
my soul wants me
to fly! fly high!!in the sky!

02 June 2010

Its The Time To Move

 A very first attempt to write in English, on office seat :)

Its the time to move;
to decide a plan for a journey of life,
no ray is going on a positive way,
nothing to say;
how can survive or;
how can be alive;
without a thought,
no,not,never,whatever will be done;
after death,
lets move! move for a new journey!!
with no willing;
without compromise,
Its the time to move;
to decide a plan for a journey of life.

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