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15 September 2010

In search of beauty & love.....

I walk
on the roads;
on the streets;
I walk
in the people's mind
in searching of beauty;
in searching of love;
in searching of happiness;
in searching of smile;
Oh!my God
what a scene it is..
i saw;
a group of little children
sitting down
infront of their;
roadside hut
they seems
I hav some food for them
thay smile
I learn;
People get pain
to get love
to be loved
by the people
they love.

(Note:-I just try to writing in english;Readers are requested to point out the gramatical mistakes for correction.)


  1. this is the real love you have in your heart...pain smiles there where love exist...very nice

  2. Repected Veena ji,
    I dont have words to say thanks to you.
    Your encouragement always motivate me.

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